The Master Musicians of Joujouka 『Joujouka Black Eyes』

The Master Musicians of Joujouka
『Joujouka Black Eyes』 

CD: Sub Rosa production, Brussels, Belgium
Le coeur du monde
SR87 (1995)



1. eyi el arabi (my brother and my love) 2:40
mountain message to the people of the plains
2. joujouka yei cahilihown (joujouka black eyes) 5:20
"joujouka is good because the sanctuary is powerful...joujouka black eyes"
3. hosemik (pull up your belt and dance) 2:40
4. m'dahai (the clapping) 4:52
5. brian jones (brahim jones joujouka very stoned) 3:00
written by Hamri after Brian Jones last came to Joujouka in 1968
6. liallah Mohamed (Mohamed my Prophet) 4:10
7. ana ye ela (make me happy, my love) 2:10
8. a: jewash l'halal (the clapping) / b: allah hali (god is high) / c: liallah umi (god my mother) 4:52
9. saudia jibiliaya (Saudia, girl of the mountain) 2:44
10. seeri seeri d'bah farrush rabi (go, god must bless you) 6:54
11. a wedding in joujouka, october 1994 0:42
12. el faruk saib (it's hard to leave someone) 5:24
13. a: le hegera saiyba (leaving makes you sad) / b: sharbuni a the (your eyes make me want to drink tea) 6:05
14. yehabti oli helalam (come back home my darling) 2:50
15. joujouka beli jibel (Joujouka (ice) between the mountains) 3:40
16. abladi Abin Hassan (my country Abin Hassan) 3:30
Abin Hassan is one of the highest peaks in the Rif mountains. It is near Chefchaouen, north of Joujouka.

The Master Musicians of Jououka
on these recordings are:

Mohamed Attar 'Ansari'
riatha: 3
flute: 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,10,13,14,15,16
drum: 9,12

Achmed Attar 'Titi'
drum: 2,3,5,6,7,8,10,11,13,14,15,16
vocals: 2,5,15

Abduslam Hertobi 'Syira'
riatha: 3,11
flute: 1,2,5,7,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,16
drum: 4,6

Mucktar Jaghdal
riatha: 11
drum: 2,5,6,7,9,13,14,15
vocals: 2,5,15

Radi Kholi
vocals: 2,5,15

Mujehid Mujdubi
flute: 4,5,6,10,14,15

Muinir Mujdubi
drum: 2,5,15,16

Abdulah Ziat 'Larachi'
riatha: 3,11
flute: 2,5,7,12,13,15,16
vocals: 2,5,15

clapping and occasional playing:
Mohamed Komsi
Ahmed Bousini
Sheech Achmed
Modi and Mohamed

recorded in Joujouka, Morocco, October and November 1994.
recorded and produced by Frank Rynne for Delinquente.
track selection and mastering by joe Ambrose and Frank Rynne.
special thanks to Hamri, the Painter of Morocco for making it possible to make these recordings.

all titles published by Delinquente.
tracks 2 and 5 by Mohamed Hamri.

cover photo of Mohamed Attar 'Ansari' playing in Magara, the cave of Boujeloud.
photographs by Frank Rynne.
cover design by Inspiral Icon.


「mountain message to the people of the plains」

ジュジュカ(Joujouka)の音楽はいまだ最も人を解放する力を持った音楽の一つであり、保守的な勢力によって魂(soul)がないがしろにされている時代にあって、魂への秘密のメッセージなのである。邪悪なメディア/国家に直面せざるを得ないゆえにほころびだらけで悲惨なポストモダンコスモポリスに対するに、気高い静寂と平穏のうちにあるジュジュカの村。世界は今、マスター・ミュージシャンたち(The Master Musicians)の治癒力を必要としていると、モロッコの画家ハムリ(Hamri)は確信している。
(Joe Ambrose) 


透明ジュエルケース。6面ブックレットに Joe Ambrose と Frank Rynne によるライナーノート。写真図版(カラー)1点。


brian jones (brahim jones joujouka very stoned)