John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris  『The Rose of Britain's Isle』

John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris 
『The Rose of Britain's Isle』 

LP: Topic 
12TS247 (1974) 
Made in England 




1. The Rose of Britain's Isle / Glorishears (Trad.) 
2. Up in the North (Trad.) 
3. Hunsden House / Whimbleton House (Trad.) 
4. Queen of the May (Trad.) 
5. Old Man Jones (Bill Caddick) 
6. Not For Joe / Three-Handed Reel / Not for Joe / Much Wenlock Jig (Trad.) 

1. Weyhill Fair (Trad.) 
2. The Milkmaid's Song (Trad.) 
3. The Rising Sun / The Crown (Trad.) 
4. Sweet Swansea (Trad.) 
5. The White Joak / The Yellow Joak (Trad.) 
6. The Lady and the Soldier (Trad.) 
7. Fireside Polka / Down Sides and Up the Middle (Sue Harris / Trad.) 

First published by Topic: 1974 
Produced by Tony Engle 
Notes by John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris & A. L. Lloyd 
Sleeve design by Janet Kerr 
Back Cover Photograph by Peter H. Collard 
Recorded at Livingston Studios, New Barnet, Herts. 
Cover from a painting by Charles Simpson, R.I.



E式シングルジャケ。裏ジャケにトラックリスト&クレジット、楽曲解説、John Wattによるライナーノーツ。