Shirley & Dolly Collins  『Anthems In Eden』 

Shirley & Dolly Collins 
『Anthems In Eden』 

CD: BGO Records 
BGOCD442 (1999) 
Made in Great Britain 
Distributed in teh UK by Universal Music Group 



1. A Song-Story (Medley) 
 A. A Beginning (Collins/Collins) 
 B. A Meeting: Searching For Lambs (Trad. Collins / arr. Collins) 
 C. A Courtship: The Wedding Song (Trad. Collins/ arr. Collins) 
 D. A Denying: The Blacksmith (Trad. Collins / arr. Collins) 
 E. A Forsaking: Our Captain Cried (Trad. Collins / arr. Collins) 
 F. A Dream: Lowlands (Trad. Collins / arr. Collins) 
 G. A Leavetaking: Pleasant & Delightful (Trad. Collins / arr. Collins) 
 H. An Awakening: Whitsun Dance (Copper Family/Collins/Marshall / arr. Collins) 
 I. A New Beginning: The Staines Norris (Trad. / arr. Collins/Collins) 
2. RAMBLEAWAY (Trad. / arr. Collins/Collins) 
3. CA' THE YOWES (Trad. Burns / arr. Collins/Collins) 
4. GOD DOG (Williamson) 
5. BONNY CUCKOO (Trad. / arr. Collins/Collins) 
6. NELLIE THE MILMAID (Trad. / arr. Collins/Collins) 
7. GATHERING RUSHES IN THE MONTH OF MAY (Trad. / arr. Collilns/Collins) 
8. THE GOWER WASSAIL (Trad. / arr. Collins/Collins) 
Adam Skeaping: bass viol, violone 
Roderick Skeaping: rebec, treble and bass viol 
Oliver Brookes: bass viol 
Michael Laird: cornett 
Richard Lee: descant and treble recorder 
Alan Lumsden: sackbut 
Christopher Hogwood: harpsichord 
Dolly Collins: organ 
Gillian Ried: bells 
David Munrow: soprano and alto crumhorn, bass rackett, tenor sordun, treble recorder 
Chorus 'The Home Brew' (Michael Clifton, Ray Worman, John Fordham) plus Royston Wood, Steve Ashley, John Morgan 

9. FARE THEE WELL MY DEAREST DEAR (Trad. / arr. Collins/Collins) 
John Rodd: Anglo-concertina 
Chris Hogwood: virginals 
Simon Nicol: acoustic guitar 
Pat Donaldson: electric bass guitar 
Dave Mattacks: drums 
Roger Brenner: alto sackbut 
Colin Sheen: tenor sackbut 
Paul Beer: tenor sackbut 
Martin Nicholls: bass sackbut 
Sackbuts arranged by Martin Nicholls 

10.Medley: C'EST LA FIN / POUR MON CUER (Anon / arr. Southcott) 
John Sothcott: vièle 
Two short songs from the Northern French Trouvère Tradition of the 12th and 13th Centuries. It is likely that Blondel de Nesle, Minstrel to Richard The Lionheart (himself a Trouvère), would have played the viele as accompaniment to his master's songs. 

11. BONNY KATE (Trad. / arr. Collins) 
John Kirkpatrick: melodeon 
Terry Potter: mouth-organ 
John Rodd: Anglo-concertina 
Ashley Hutchings: acoustic bass guitar 
Dave Mattacks: drums 

12. ADIEU TO ALL JUDGES AND JURIES (Trad. / arr. Collins/Rodd) 
John Rodd: Anglo-concertina 
Simon Nichol: electric guitar 
Pat Donaldson: electric bass guitar 
Martin Nicholls: bass sackbut 
Dave Mattacks: regal, drums 

13. EDI BEO THU HEVENE QUENE (Anon / arr. Collins/Southcott) 
John Sothcott: vièle, recorder 
A 13th Century English Gymel in praise of the Virgin Mary. 

14. BLACK JOKER / BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW & GREEN (Trad. / arr. Collins) 
John Watcham: Anglo-concertina 
John Kirkpatrick: button accordion 
John Rodd: Anglo-concertina 
Terry Potter: mouth-organ 
Simon Nichol: electric guitar 
Ashley Hutchings: electric bass guitar 
Dave Mattacks: drums 
David Busby, Mike Clifton, Dots Daultrey, Stuart Hollyer, Roger Rigden, Ada Turnham: dancing and vocals 
The Albion Morris Men perform the Bledington Slick Dance "Black Joker" to Shirley's song. 

Tracks 1-8 originally released in 1969 as "Anthems In Eden" 
Produced by Austin John Marshall 
Musical director: David Munrow 
Engineer: Peter Mew 
Instrumental settings by Dolly Collins 

Tracks 9-14 originally released in 1976, taken from the album "Amaranth" 
Produced by Ashley Hutchings 
Recorded at Sound Techniques Studio, London and Spaceward Studio, Cambridge, 1975/1976 
Engineered by Vic Gamm 
Tracks 10 and 13 engineered by Vic Gamm and Gary Lucas 

◆本CD解説(David Suff & John Tobler)より◆ 

「'Anthems In Eden' ( . . . ) featuring a suite of songs centred round the changes in rural England brought about by the First World War, had a terrific impact on recorded folk music in Britain. The glorious  and unusual ensemble of early music instruments - rebecs, sackbuts, crumhorns and all - proved once and for all that the guitar was not the only appropriate accompaniment for folk song.」
「Shirley and Dolly Collilns were brought up in Sussex, in a family which had a deep love of traditional music. Their uncle, F.C. Ball, encouraged them to hear a wide variety of music, especially the work of Monteverdi and Purcell. By the mid-1960s, they were keen to attempt to marry 'Early Music' instruments with the songs Shirley was singing in folk clubs. David Munrow, a noted and enthusiastic explorer with the Musica Reservata ensemble, proved to be excited by the same idea. Shirley Collins recalled in a 1988 interview with Maggie Holland in 'Folk Roots' "Dolly and I used to go along to rehearsals of Musica Reservata, and got to know the musicians. It was suggested , and we all agreed, that it would be a good idea to wed English traditional tunes to these wonderful Early instruments that were so rough and not perfectly tuned. We just took it from there."
 The suite of interlinked songs describing the break up of relationships brought about by the huge numbers of young men slaughtered on the battlefields of Europe during the First World War - "When the maypole, which had once been the centre of so many village greens, was replaced by the memorial stone" - was first titled 'Anthems Before The Fall'. The piece was originally recorded for BBC Radio 1's 'My Kind Of Folk' in August, 1968. A recording contact with EMI's "progressive" Harvest label soon followed, and the suite was recorded in February, 1969.」



ブックレット(全8頁)にトラックリスト&クレジット、「Original sleeve notes from 1969」、CDライナーノーツ(David Suff & John Tobler January 1993)、写真図版(モノクロ)8点。

LP『アンセム・イン・エデン』はハーヴェスト(Harvest)より1969年リリース(SHVL 754)。テーマは死と再生(楽園の喪失と回復)。音楽監督はロンドン古楽コンソートのデイヴィッド・マンロー(1942-1976)で、クリストファー・ホグウッドを始め錚々たる古楽メンバーが参加しています(マンローは1971年に「Wondrous Love」でペンタングルとも共演しています)。
1976年の『アンセム』リイシューに際して、サイド2を新しく録音した曲と入れ替えてリリースされたのが『アマランス Amaranth』で、その新録曲が#9-14ですが、これはアシュリー・ハッチングスのプロデュースで、実質的にはアルビオン・バンド(The Albion Band)です。フェアポート、スティーライのメンバーに古楽クリストファー・ホグウッドやジョン・サズコットが加わって夢の共演です。本作などは民族音楽(伝承バラッド)とクラシック(古楽)とロック(エレクトリック・トラッド)の垣根を易々と超えてしまっていて爽快です。