The Albion Dance Band  『The Prospect Before Us』 

The Albion Dance Band 
『The Prospect Before Us』 

CD: BGO Records 
BGOCD486 (2000) 
Made in Great Britain 
Distributed in the UK by Universal Music Group 



1. Uncle Bernard's / Jenny Lind (Trad.) 
2. The Hunt Is Up (Trad.) 
3. Varsovianna (Trad.) 
4. Masque Tune (Adson) 
5. Huntsman's Chorus (Trad.) 
6. Minuet (Purcell) 
7. Wassail Song (Trad.) 
8. Picking Of Sticks / The Old Mole (Trad.) 
9. Merry Sherwood Rangers (Trad.) 
10. La Sexte Estampie Real (Trad.) 
11. I Wish I Was Single Again (Trad.) 
12. The Whim (Trad.) 
13. Hopping Down In Kent (Trad.) 
14. Horse's Brawl (Trad.) 

Extra tracks: 
15. On Christmas Night All Christians Sing 
16. Merry Sherwood Rangers (alternate version) 

Ashley Hutchings: Leader, electric bass guitar, vocals 
Shirley Collins: Vocals 
John Tams: Vocals, melodeon 
Eddie Upton: Caller, vocals 
Simon Nicol: Electric and acoustic guitars, piano 
Graeme Taylor: Electric guitar, piano 
Phil Pickett: Curtals, shawms, recorders, crumhorns, bagpipes, rackets, chalumeaux, synthesiser 
John Rodd: Concertina, tambourine, vocals 
John Sothcott: Vielle, citole, crumhorn 
Dave Mattacks: Drums, piano, electric piano 
Michael Gregory: Drums, nakers, percussion 

Produced by Ashley Hutchings & Simon Nicol 
Engineered by Vic Gamm 
Recorded at Sound Techniques and Olympic No. 1, London, 1976 (tracks 2, 5, 8, 9 & 14 were recorded at dances held at Olympic in September, 1976) 
Original front cover design by Dave Dragon, based on an idea by Pete Scrowther 
Original back cover design by William Dudley 
Reprographics by CLE 

「Original sleeve notes to the first release of this album by Ashley Hutchings, Shirley Collins, Phil Pickett & John Tams included much of what follows, suitably updated for this reissue.」



ブックレット(全8頁)に解説「Sleeve notes by David Suff & John Tobler, January 1993, incorporating notes by Shirley Collins, Ashley Hutchings, Phil Pickett and John Tams.」、クレジット。インレイにトラックリスト。




The Hunt Is Up 

Picking of Sticks / The Old Mole