Shirley & Dolly Collins  『Love, Death & The Lady』 

Shirley & Dolly Collins 
『Love, Death & The Lady』 

CD: Harvest / EMI Records 
7243 8 29840 2 7 (1994) 
Printed in U.K. / Made in the UK 



1. Death & The Lady 
2. Glenlogie 
3. The Oxford Girl 
4. Are You Going To Leave Me? 
5. The Outlandish Knight 
6. Go From My Window 
7. Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime 
8. Geordie 
9. Salisbury Plain 
10. Fair Maid of Islington 
11. Six Dukes 
12. Polly On The Shore 
13. Plains of Waterloo 
14. Sailor From Dover 
15. Young John 
16. Short Jacket & White Trousers 
17. The Bold Fisherman 

Shirley Collins sings with 
arrangements by 
Dolly Collins for 
Christopher Hogwood: harpsichord 
Alan Lumsden: sackbut 
Adam Skeaping: bass viol, violone 
Roderick Skeaping: bass viol 
Eleanor Sloan: rebec 
John Fordham: recorder 
Dolly Collins: flute-organ & piano 
Terry Cox: percussion 
Peter Wood: concertina 

Produced by Austin John Marshall 
Engineered by Philip Macdonald 

All tracks traditional arr. by S. & D. Collins, except: 
Tracks 6 & 12 traditional arr. S. Collins/P. Wood 
Track 15 words traditional arr. S. & D. Collins / tune: S. Collins 
Track 17 traditional arr. B. Copper 

Project co-ordination: Tim Chacksfield 
CD package design: Phil Smee 

Tracks 1-13 originally released in 1970 
Tracks 14-17 previously unissued 

◆本CD解説(David Suff)より◆ 

「'Love, Death and the Lady', first released by Harvest records in 1970, captures in a startling series of bleak, trance-like arrangements some of the sisters' finest recorded performances. Harpsichord, piano, Mediaeval woodwind and stringed instruments are beautifully interwoven around Shirley's singing into a rich musical tapestry. The sympathetic production by Austin John Marshall, Shirley's husband at the time, maintains an exquisite tension between the vocals and the musical settings.」
「'Love, Death and the Lady' was chosen as Folk Album of the Month by the Melody Maker and was included in the year end polls of the best folk records of 1970. Contemporary reviews commented upon 'Shirley's coming of age as a singer', and upon the icy melancholy inherent in the performances. In a recent interview Shirley suggested, "I think it was just because I was quite devastatingly lonely and hurt at the time of the recording. My marriage was in the throes of ending... and I didn't know what I was going to do. It wasn't easy music to listen to. I'm surprised anybody bought any of it at all. I didn't ever sing to sell, I sang to sing, to express what was going on with me and what I wanted, I suppose."」
「Both sisiters were suffering from recent emotional upsets and Shirley's choice of material for the record reflects their mood at the time. "The songs are very direct. about people who feel very deeply about things... for me the songs I chose to sing were always reflecting my feelings at the time. All my records reflect very much what was going on in my personal life at the time."」


「Death & The Lady 
This ballad puts me in mind of Ingmar Bergman's film "The Seventh Seal", in which a knight plays chess with Death - with his life as the prize. It is just one of many such confrontations dating from the 16th century.」



ブックレット(全8頁)にクレジット、楽曲解説(Shirley Collins, March 1994)、CDライナーノーツ(David Suff, March 1994)、写真図版(モノクロ)3点、裏表紙にトラックリスト。インレイにトラックリストと写真図版(モノクロ)2点。

LPは1970年にEMI/Harvestからリリースされました(SHVL 771)。


Death and the Lady

Plains of Waterloo