The Young Tradition  with Shirley & Dolly Collins  『The Holly Bears The Crown』 

The Young Tradition 
with Shirley & Dolly Collins 
『The Holly Bears The Crown』 

CD: Fledg'ling Records 
FLED 3006 (1995) 



「The holly and the ivy,  
When they are both full grown. 
Of all the trees that are in the wood, 
The holly bears the crown.」

1. Prologue from Hamlet (William Shakespeare
2. The Boar's Head Carol (Traditional) 
3. Is It Far To Bethlehem (Frances Chesterton / Traditional) 
4. Lullay My Liking (Traditional / Gustav Holst) 
5. The Cherry Tree Carol (Traditional / Shirley Collins) 
6. Shepherds Arise (Traditional) 
7. I Sing Of A Maiden That is Makeless (Traditional / Dolly Collins) 
8. Interlude: The Great Frost (Virginia Woolf) 
9. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (Traditional) 
10. A Virgin Most Pure (Traditional) 
11. The Coventry Carol (Traditional) 
12. The Holly Bears The Crown (Traditional) 
13. March The Morning Sun (Royston Wood) 
14. Bring Us In Good Ale (Traditional) 

Peter Bellamy 
Shirley Collins 
Dolly Collins 
Adam Skeaping 
Roderick Skeaping 
Heather Wood 
Royston Wood 
Narration by Gary Watson 

Arrangements by P. Bellamy, S. Collins, D. Collins, R. Wood & H. Wood 
All instrumental arrangements by Dolly Collins 

Produced by John Gilbert 
Tape transfer by Ian Hardcastle 
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Porkys, London 
Photography by Brian Shuel: Collections 
Cover artwork by David Suff 

「These recordings were made in London in 1969. A few weeks later The Young Tradition broke up and the record was never released: until now. 
Sadly, Royston Wood died in 1990. Peter Bellamy in 1991 and Dolly Collins in 1995. 
This record is dedicated to their memory.」 


透明ジュエルケース。四つ折りブックレット(8頁)に楽曲解説(Notes by Shirley Collins & Heather Wood)、クレジット、写真図版(モノクロ)5点。インレイにトラックリスト。インレイ内側(トレイ部分)に写真図版(モノクロ)1点。